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"If you look up the word cinematography in a dictionary it says 'the art of photography and camerawork in filmmaking' That's what Gary does so. He brings 'art' into the equation and elevates the material to another level. His attitude, knowledge, skill set and enthusiasm are second to none. I simply cannot fault him both as a person and as an artist!"

Cameron Moon - Hazel Tree Pictures

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"I have worked with Gary now on three separate occasions.  Firstly as an Actress who worked on a production in which he was DOP and then recently on two separate occasions to feature films I was Director and Producer. Firstly 'Pumpkins' I hired Gary as Director of Photography and Editor then on 'Party of Valice' I hired Gary as Director of Photography again.  He is nothing but professional to work with. Not only does he have an artistic eye for finding the most pleasing shots cinematically but he knows how to light well and make suggestions which add to the quality and aesthetic of the shots.  He works extremely hard on long  days and hours with enthusiasm and never lacking in quality despite how exhausting the shoot may be. Not only is he professional but also a lot of fun to have around on a film set due to his relaxed and cheery demeanour. You can tell her loves what he does and has a real passion for it. I look forward to work with Gary on many future productions." 

Maria Metheringham - Great Northan Productions

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'Gary’s work has always impressed me, from the first day we worked together. His vision and attention to detail is effortlessly beautiful as he can create the most mundane images into something extraordinary. I have worked with him for a number of projects; including horror, drama and comedy- all of which he knows exactly how to make it so captivating while maintaining that relevant storyline. He is the most down to earth guy and always makes sure I feel comfortable in every scene, supporting me and giving me incredible feedback throughout the entire time of shooting. Thank you Gary for the funny times, the inspiration, and professionalism in everything you do. I hope we can work together again!'

Martha Niklas - Actress

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