Some of my equipment

Red Dragon


Designed for the purpose of capturing Hollywood blockbusters. This camera revolutionised the film industry completely capturing films such as The Hobbit! Capturing images up to 5K means no matter what the production you are guaranteed the best quality available.

Sony F3


This HD camera is truly top of the tree! Exporting full 10 bit s-log 4:4:4 video to our top of the range AKA video recorder, there is not much else that comes close to the quality of this little baby!

Sony A7sii


A useful piece of kit suitable as a B Cam or for corporate work, shooting great 4k footage and takes incredible still photographs too.

DJI Remote Focus


A useful quality piece of kit essential for those tricky narrative film jobs!

Carl Zeiss Lens's


Most of the glass we stick on the front of our cameras is top notch T* Carl Zeiss primes, Including :-


28mm F2.8

35mm F1.5

50mm F1.4

85mm T1.5

135mm F2.8

28-70mm F2.6

70-210mm F2.8


Sound Devices Mixer & Rode NTG-3 Shotgun microphone.


Good pictures are useless unless you have top notch audio! We can capture straight to camera but for better quality we use Rode NTG 3 microphones into Sound Devices pre-amps for world class audio. From here the audio is recorded to a Fostex recorder, the upshot, the best quality audio you can get!



When it comes to lighting there is only one brand to rely on and thats Arri! The standard in professional lighting! Coupled to a range of top quality Gekko professional LED panels, again we have it covered!



Post production also utilises the latest in top end equipment. For mobile editing we use Final Cut Pro X on an Apple MacBook Pro, but when in the office it's all steam ahead on the latest Apple Mac powerhouse hooked up to 4k monitors.